Two Great Family Friendly Operating Systems

Here are two great family friendly operation systems. One is available for download for free while the other is extremely cheap. Here are the two operating systems and see which one is the best for you and your kids.

The Kiddix OS is an operating system created on Linux. It is a complete operating system designed for a family-friendly computer environment. Kiddix is primarily designed for children ages 4 up to 11 years old.

Kiddix is designed to be child-friendly. The operating system comes with several applications such as word processor, email and web browsers. It also allows your children to create individual user accounts. Kiddix also comes with two games, Planet Penguin Racer and Frozen Bubble. The operating system also has a desktop designed for children making it easy to use with limited adult supervision. Teachers and child psychologists can also benefit with this feature when practicing their professions.

Kiddix is also designed to ensure Internet protection for kids. It has an innovative parental control features and monitoring tools to help parents block unwanted sites effectively. And these are all in extremely user-friendly user interface that parents would love. The Kiddix OS is downloadable in for $10 and $20. The $20 package comes with a discount coupon for the upcoming Kiddix 2.0.

Edubuntu is the educational version of the Ubuntu operating system. The goal of the developers is to introduce Ubuntu to the educational system. When compared to Kiddix, Edubuntu has superior graphics and equally easy to use user interface.

Edubuntu also contains applications such as chat, a micro blogger, a photo editor, a vector graphics editor, a diagram editor, a desktop publishing tool and the OpenOffice. It basically has more features than the $10 or $20 Kiddix. And you can download Edubuntu for free.

These are great family-friendly operating systems currently available in the market. Do further research on the features of each systems to gain helpful information that will make you decide which operating system to get for your family.

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