The Top 3 Typing Software for Kids

Computer is such a useful gadget that almost everyone owns one already. Even the kids use them for playing or for their home works. Since home works and projects requires typing in computers, it is important that we should teach our child how to type well.

To help your kids improve their typing skills, there are typing soft wares available just for kids. This will help prepare your child for doing task that has something to do with typing. Here are the top 3 exciting ways for kids to learn to type!

1. Typing Instructor for Kids 5.0 – This typing program is educational, entertaining, and motivating making the educational experience worthwhile for kids. It will teach your kids all keyboarding basics, proper hand positions, speed, and accuracy. Kids can also learn in English or Spanish. The instructions are so simple that kids would be able to follow with little supervision. The software also has timed challenges where your kids’ “number of words per minute” is recorded. The better they become the harder the challenges become.

2. Typing Quick and Easy 17 – Typing Quick & Easy is the ultimate typing teacher! Using effective instructional techniques with easy-to-use menus, your kids will learn touch-typing quickly and easily. It also has several musical background to choose from to bring kids in
the typing rhythm. The software offes over 20 lessons that are very enjoyable for kids. It can also keep records of their previous works to help parents monitor their learning process.

3. UltraKey – UltraKey guarantees typing fluency by building good habits, speed and accuracy through structured lessons. Learning is supported by voice, 3D animation, video and virtual reality. Users of every age, need, and language can learn with UltraKey because it provides the most flexible personal instruction found in any instructional program.

These are the top 3 typing softwares for kids that you could choose from for your child’s typing education.

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