Family-Friendly Filters: Advantages and Disadvantages

These filters are special type of software designed to control the contents that can be viewed on a computer network or an alone station. These software can be utilized for many purposes and these purposes include access to pornography, explicit content or any illegal web sites in the Internet.


Family-friendly filters are also known as content-control software, web-filtering software or censorware. These filters can essentially block images, texts and even videos having explicit content to appear in your home. Furthermore, they can also be used to prevent access to specific sites that you deemed very inappropriate for your kids to visit.


A family-friendly filter offers features in which parents can customize. Parents are allowed to choose whether to block web sites using their complete web site addresses or by content which varies from pornography, instant messaging or e-mailing. The more advanced types allow parents to monitor online conversations which is very ideal in chat rooms, keystrokes and even the web site history from your children’s online searching. In addition, social network reporting and filtering, port blocking, filter lists and predator blocking are also some additional features with this software. Furthermore, the price of these filters range from free to around 40 dollars and aside from that they also offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee promotions.


Internet filters do not guarantee a 100 percent protection against unwanted images or activities that have explicit content. For this reason, it is very important to have a routine monitoring regarding online activities of your children. You can even implore the help of services that monitor online activities just to review chat sessions or web site activities done by your children. Remember that Internet filters cannot replace the vigilant monitoring and review of online risks for your family.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of family-friendly filters that you may use for your family’s protection online.

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