All About ZipZap: A Family-Friendly Browser

ZipZap is a family friendly browser that provides safety in the Internet for the family. This browser is developed over the Chromium project and it’s robust features that family members can effectively use. The browser provides parents the ability to regulate their children’s activities online. Parents can allow or deny certain functions like blocking any unwanted material or access to sites with adult content. Here are some of its features that can greatly give a helping hand for parents.

Managed Internet surfing

Users has individual accounts on the browser and every account possesses privileges that are setup by the parents. This would mean that parents will have control about the settings of the accounts of their children. Each profile privileges are setup with appropriate settings suited for age.

Safe surfing

The browser prevents children from visiting sites that show scenes not appropriate for children and it allows children to change themes and appearances of the browser which they like the most. This will help ensure parents that their children are only visiting wholesome sites that they can learn and enjoy. The browser also possess a feature in which it can provide filters for any web sites pertaining to their content. It can filter up to 64 sites.

ZipZap links

ZipZap has a feature in which it can provide easy-to-access links which are based on the age and the targeted activity. It shows a list of these links where users can just plainly click on them. A very convenient way in searching items on the net and lessen the amount of time spent for just searching.

Parental control

ZipZap allows parents to be the administrators in deciding the privileges allowed for their children. In this way, parents can effectively manage the activities of their children online and provide maximum protection. Furthermore, they also have the power to approve friends for their children.

ZipZap is one Internet browser that parents should consider in providing their children’s safety as they explore the Internet.

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