All About Cybersitter: A Family Friendly Software

Are you looking for ways to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet? Are you fed up of choosing bad software that are not that good in providing the protection you need for your children? This software might be the one you are looking for. Cybersitter is a software that provides different features that help protect your children from the Internet. It is fully updated and have means that help children learn new things. It is a winner of the PC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award for 5 times. Here are some of its features.

Customizable blocking
Cybersitter has a customize blocking feature that parents feel not appropriate for children to view or to visit. It ensures children do avoid visiting pornography sites and can block social networking sites on a specific schedule parents can choose. It can even record sent and received e-mails and Facebook chat and posts. It also blocks phising, malicious and dangerous web sites that children may visit accidentally.

Provides a good environment for learning
The software only allows access for web sites that are fun and enjoyable like social networking sites, games and entertainment on the days and times that parents approve. This feature is very beneficial and helpful for parents to keep their children hooked in doing their homework and preventing them from doing other things.

Family and User friendly
This software allows every user to customize its features, therefore, parents can somehow make their own rules for their children to follow while browsing the Internet. The product is also easy to install and its instructions are simple and not too complicated for an average user. In addition, it is fully contained and does not need any additional set-up like an online account. Once installed, the product is good to go.It only costs about $40.00.
These are the features that Cybersitter offer for every parent that looks for protection for their children in the Internet. Go and try this software out.

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