3 Education Games for Kids in Nintendo DS

It is great to know that Nintendo, one of the biggest video game console company, is promoting Nintendo DS as a child-friendly video game console. Several Nintendo DS games are very educational for preschoolers and kindergartens. But 3 of them stand out. Here are the 3 educational games for Kids in Nintendo DS.

Sesame Street: Cookie’s Counting Carnival
Here is a game that can really make your kids enjoy numbers. With the Cookie Monster of Sesame Street as their virtual playmate, preschoolers can learn numbers in a fun game. The user interface is very child friendly that preschoolers can master it on their own. The transitions from easy levels to more difficult ones allow your child to adapt accordingly making it one of the best educational games for kids.

Freddi Fish ABC Under the Sea
ABC Under the Sea was developed by the veteran video game maker Atari. This game has the lovable Freddi Fish to teach your children their ABCs. It primarily focuses on children 3-5 years old and teaches them letter recognition, spelling and vocabulary. It also has secondary lessons such as following directions, counting, tracing and coloring. Children will also enjoy the child-friendly user interface.

Sesame Street: Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure
Elmo’s A-to-Zoo Adventure is another great education game based on the famous kid’s show Sesame Street. In this game kindergartens learn about the ABCs with very engaging mini-games with the adorable red muppet. Just like Cookie’s Counting Carnival the user interface is very friendly to children and very easy for them to master.

These 3 educational games for kids in Nintendo DS are the 3 best reasons to buy the video game console for your kids. Just remember to help your kids in balancing their time with video games and actual physical activities.

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