Why to Vote Yes on California’s Proposition 39

As a quick summary, Proposition 39 would eliminate the two options that companies currently have in declaring their taxable income. Before, companies can choose which income they would declare so they’ll pay a lower tax. If this proposition will be approved, taxes will now be based on total sales which will apply to all companies. Although many companies would be affected, I’d like to point some advantages that this proposition will bring.

Tax system will become consistent, clear and fair – This is the main point why this proposition was created. Since there will now be a single basis for taxable income, every company will be pay taxes according to the total sales. While there is a possibility that several companies will be paying more than what they usually pay, there is a possibility that there are also companies who will now be paying less. The bottom line here is that everyone is taxed fairly without exception.

Encourage companies to build infrastructures and offices without additional penalties – This is for me the big advantage that companies will have if this proposition is approved. Before, some companies like Amazon and Apple are hesitant to build offices in California because they will be taxed according to their assets. If this proposition 39 will be approved, they might be paying more taxes based on total sales but they won’t be paying additional taxes if they decide to build offices and facilities in California.

Increase revenue for the government – as we all know, taxes are what the government uses to implement their programs. If this proposition will be approved, more taxes revenue is projected to be collected by the government. This increase in tax revenue can translate to better services, better public structures and more money to be spent on programs that will benefit the general public. Everyone in the state including the companies will benefit from the additional taxes that will be collected.

Increase budget for education and clean energy – California is one of the active states that is pushing for cleaning energy. If Proposition 39 will be approved, more money will be spent to educate the people about the importance of renewable energy resources. This can also mean a bigger budget for education. A bigger budget means more schools will be constructed and education will be made available to more students.

If I’m the owner of a company, it won’t matter to me if the government will charge more taxes as long as I can see that the tax revenues are spent well by the government. Personally, I’m not looking at what will the company get in return as long as more people including my family and children get better public services from the government. From what I see in this Proposition 39, it’s a win-win situation for the companies, for the government and the people of California. If you think that Proposition 39 benefits you, your family and everyone in California, then go ahead and vote yes to Proposition 39 in the 2012 ballot.

Family-Friendly Filters: Advantages and Disadvantages

These filters are special type of software designed to control the contents that can be viewed on a computer network or an alone station. These software can be utilized for many purposes and these purposes include access to pornography, explicit content or any illegal web sites in the Internet.


Family-friendly filters are also known as content-control software, web-filtering software or censorware. These filters can essentially block images, texts and even videos having explicit content to appear in your home. Furthermore, they can also be used to prevent access to specific sites that you deemed very inappropriate for your kids to visit.


A family-friendly filter offers features in which parents can customize. Parents are allowed to choose whether to block web sites using their complete web site addresses or by content which varies from pornography, instant messaging or e-mailing. The more advanced types allow parents to monitor online conversations which is very ideal in chat rooms, keystrokes and even the web site history from your children’s online searching. In addition, social network reporting and filtering, port blocking, filter lists and predator blocking are also some additional features with this software. Furthermore, the price of these filters range from free to around 40 dollars and aside from that they also offer a free trial or a money-back guarantee promotions.


Internet filters do not guarantee a 100 percent protection against unwanted images or activities that have explicit content. For this reason, it is very important to have a routine monitoring regarding online activities of your children. You can even implore the help of services that monitor online activities just to review chat sessions or web site activities done by your children. Remember that Internet filters cannot replace the vigilant monitoring and review of online risks for your family.

These are the advantages and disadvantages of family-friendly filters that you may use for your family’s protection online.

All About iPhone Applications for Kids

Many believe that iPhones are basically for grown-ups however, there are a lot of kids who readily use iPhones in their families. With this fact, it is therefore important for parents to find iPhone applications suited for kids. Here are some of the applications that you can choose.

Fairies Fly

This is an ideal iPhone application for kids who love Disney characters. The application has a very kid-friendly interface in which kids can have fun while selecting the options offered. In addition, the application also lets kids have fun and exciting games with the character that they want and it is user-friendly for kids as well.

Wheels on the Bus

This is an interactive version of the kid’s song in which every kid could relate. In this application, kids can do a sing along in different languages which include English, French, Spanish or any other languages available in the application. Furthermore, the application also has an added feature in which kids can record their own voice as they sing the song and play it if they want.

Subway Shuffle Lite

This iPhone application can be both challenging to adults and to kids. The game lets kids move obstacles along the railroad tracks to allow the train to reach its destination. Kids develop mental acuity as they try to solve and formulate ways on moving the obstacles and successfully attain the goals of the game. Furthermore, the game also helps kids develop their patience and problem solving skills.

Tappy Tunes

This application helps kids develop their taste in music. The game allows kids to tap the screen in order to play notes and music. In this way, kids will have a perfect opportunity to play music in their own pace which is a good start to cultivate their interest in music.

These are some kid-friendly iPhone applications that can be installed in your won models so that your family iPhones will be suited for your kids use.

Algebrator: A Perfect Tool To Teach your Children about Algebra

Algebra is one of the most difficult subjects in schools that most teens struggle to learn and understand it. They often have a failing grade regarding this subject and their parents are finding ways to help solve this problem. A good tool that they can use is the Algebrator which can easily be installed in a personal computer and provides students the needed information to further understand algebra.


This program is a desktop application that helps solve a large range of mathematical equations that are usually used in algebra classes. It’s interface is just a simple sheet of paper in which students can select math icons, functions and a tool bar which can help them in their predicament. Students can simply input any equations that they need to solve and the program shows a solution in a step by step process in order to help them learn and understand algebra. If students still do not understand, the program also has a feature which explains why that is the answer. Furthermore, the program also handles complex equations like synthetic division, quadratic equations and solving matrices.


This program allows students to understand basic algebraic principles and it is best for those students with a good general understanding of math principles. It is an ideal program in checking answers for any mistakes. Furthermore, the program can easily be installed in any computer and has a user-friendly interface in which most students can easily maneuver through.


The only downfall in this program is that it could not help those students who are really struggling with the subject matter. The program could not provide the detailed explanation of answers to certain algebraic equations which could have helped students who are learning some new material in algebra. In addition, the program’s teaching ability is limited since it uses a different method of answering equations from the methodology used inside classrooms.

The Algebrator is a helpful tool for parents to teach their children about algebra. You can try to use this program to help your children get the edge in their algebra class.

All About ZipZap: A Family-Friendly Browser

ZipZap is a family friendly browser that provides safety in the Internet for the family. This browser is developed over the Chromium project and it’s robust features that family members can effectively use. The browser provides parents the ability to regulate their children’s activities online. Parents can allow or deny certain functions like blocking any unwanted material or access to sites with adult content. Here are some of its features that can greatly give a helping hand for parents.

Managed Internet surfing

Users has individual accounts on the browser and every account possesses privileges that are setup by the parents. This would mean that parents will have control about the settings of the accounts of their children. Each profile privileges are setup with appropriate settings suited for age.

Safe surfing

The browser prevents children from visiting sites that show scenes not appropriate for children and it allows children to change themes and appearances of the browser which they like the most. This will help ensure parents that their children are only visiting wholesome sites that they can learn and enjoy. The browser also possess a feature in which it can provide filters for any web sites pertaining to their content. It can filter up to 64 sites.

ZipZap links

ZipZap has a feature in which it can provide easy-to-access links which are based on the age and the targeted activity. It shows a list of these links where users can just plainly click on them. A very convenient way in searching items on the net and lessen the amount of time spent for just searching.

Parental control

ZipZap allows parents to be the administrators in deciding the privileges allowed for their children. In this way, parents can effectively manage the activities of their children online and provide maximum protection. Furthermore, they also have the power to approve friends for their children.

ZipZap is one Internet browser that parents should consider in providing their children’s safety as they explore the Internet.

All About the Right E-mail Programs for Your Family

There are plenty of email programs in the Internet that can be utilize by anyone. These programs have their own features that can be well suited for any family that will use them. Here are some of the right email programs for your family.

Yahoo Mail

This email is best for parents who want to have total access to any family member’s email accounts. In addition, this email program allows any parents to monitor email accounts including those from their kids. This can be done by simply signing on with the account you created for your kids and selecting mail options to block addresses. Furthermore, the program has a new feature to drag and drop e-mails into folders to help get organized. Another plus for this email program is its option to let any user locate any past e-mails just by clicking on the header of any recent email from the same person.


This email program is ideal for busy families who wants to coordinate such program with the family calendar regarding activities. The benefits of using this program are the features that allow any family members to use the integrated calendar, IM feature and photo-sharing services when logged in. Furthermore, an additional add-on known as the Gmail Manager can be used to further provide time-saving features. This will allow checking of multiple Gmail accounts at once which can definitely save time. In addition, the e-mail program also allows keyboard shortcuts in composing emails.

Mozilla Thunderbird

This e-mail program helps families manage multiple e-mail accounts from one computer. This e-mail program helps families customize their e-mail accounts from own preferences to filters. This also includes how your account would look. this program is easy to install and it has strict spam filters to prevent accepting spam mails. It also allows users to tag messages with phrases that you want and allows disabling images from remote locations.

These are some of the right e-mail programs suited for your family. Try to consider them if you are looking for new e-mail programs for your family.

All About Ways in Finding Family Friendly Programs Online

The Internet is a place where we can find lots of programs at our disposal. There are so many types of these programs with their specific purposes. Due to this reason, it cannot be avoided that some Internet users always have the problem locating specific programs for a certain purpose. This would include parents who want to find family friendly software and programs available in the net. Here are some helpful ways to find these programs.


Type of software
The first step is to know what type of software you are looking for. In this way, you will be narrowing down the wide selection available on the Internet. You may select programs like games and entertainment, educational activities or family use programs. This will help you focus on one main area in looking for a specific software for your family. It will help you lessen confusion and manage your time wisely.


Right search terms in search engines
Search engines are a good place to locate items that you need. For this reason, it is very important that you need to know the right search phrase to use in order to generate the items you are looking for. You may try putting in the search box phrases like “Family-Friendly programs” or “Family-Friendly software”. This will have a search item result having the following phrase that you entered.
Visit family-friendly creator sites
Good places to inquire for family-friendly programs or software include official sites of family-friendly program creators. There are times in which their sites would showcase new programs that you might like. Try to locate some of these sites and explore for new programs that are available. In this way, you will be spending lesser time in locating the right program or software for your family.
These are some ways that can help find family-friendly programs in the Internet. You can apply these tips when you look for family-friendly software in the future.

All About a New Gender-Spotting Software to Keep Kids Safe Online

Kids are one of the most avid users of the Internet. This means that they would always log in the Internet and visit web sites that they like. Unfortunately, cyber-bullying is also rampant in the Internet and that would mean your kids are at risk of this danger. Due to this reason, a new software that recognizes the gender of someone who chats with your kids was developed to prevent would be bullies online.


This software was developed by Koduvayur Subbalakshmi, Rajarathnam Chandramouli, and Na Cheng. It possesses a special type of technology that can analyze and make an intelligent guess about the writer’s gender in e-mails. This new software was created due to one case where a teen age girl committed suicide because she was cyber-bullied by her friend’s mother disguised as a boy. The researchers wanted to test if its possible to analyze texts in order to determine the gender of the writer. They compiled 157 gender-specific psycholinguistic cues which include punctuation use and sentence length and it is about 85 percent accurate.


This gender-spotting software is a first step in fighting Internet fraud and that includes gender deception. With the software, kids can now determine whether their supposed friends are lying to them of their gender. It can be available as a plug-in in any instant messaging sites and that includes social networking sites like Facebook. Kids can now check if the ones they are chatting are not deceiving them. This new software can be running while your kids are chatting and it would automatically alert them if the program detects a different gender from what they are actually telling and that would make kids no longer trust them and leave them alone.

This new gender-spotting software can really protect kids online. If you have kids at home, try to consider this software to give them added protection as they go online.

All About Bookiemonster: A New Software For Kids

A new software called the Bookiemonster has been released recently to coach and teach kids how to read. This software was developed by a team in Waikato University and it is called the repeated reading software since it uses computer-generated voices and speech recognition that kids can use. This was a project included in the Microsoft Imagine Cup, a competition geared to finding possible solutions to worldwide problems like poverty, illiteracy, and diseases.


  • Children who use this software listen to texts that are read by the computer aloud. It follows the words as they are highlighted progressively on screen. It tells the words to the children as if they are listening to a karaoke. The computer reads the texts several times and after which the children will then speak to the computer through a microphone and repeat what the computer has said. The computer will then follow what they are saying and highlights the words on screen.


  • This software will definitely help children learn how to read to better prepare them in their future. It can be used in the comfort of their homes as well as in schools. In addition, it helps children develop speech recognition. It can greatly improve literacy rates on places where children could not go and attend school and their literacy rates are below 50%. Furthermore, this software can also be used to teach other languages like Spanish or French.

As of now, this software is being developed for a prototype to see its effectiveness in schools. Trials are conducted to numerous schools in order to see its expected results among children. Hopefully the trials come out good in order for the software to be available world wide. Once this software is already for good use, it can really help children learn how to read as early as they can. Do consider this software for your kids in the future if you want them to learn reading in an early age.

All About Cybersitter: A Family Friendly Software

Are you looking for ways to protect your children from the dangers of the Internet? Are you fed up of choosing bad software that are not that good in providing the protection you need for your children? This software might be the one you are looking for. Cybersitter is a software that provides different features that help protect your children from the Internet. It is fully updated and have means that help children learn new things. It is a winner of the PC Magazine’s Editors Choice Award for 5 times. Here are some of its features.

Customizable blocking
Cybersitter has a customize blocking feature that parents feel not appropriate for children to view or to visit. It ensures children do avoid visiting pornography sites and can block social networking sites on a specific schedule parents can choose. It can even record sent and received e-mails and Facebook chat and posts. It also blocks phising, malicious and dangerous web sites that children may visit accidentally.

Provides a good environment for learning
The software only allows access for web sites that are fun and enjoyable like social networking sites, games and entertainment on the days and times that parents approve. This feature is very beneficial and helpful for parents to keep their children hooked in doing their homework and preventing them from doing other things.

Family and User friendly
This software allows every user to customize its features, therefore, parents can somehow make their own rules for their children to follow while browsing the Internet. The product is also easy to install and its instructions are simple and not too complicated for an average user. In addition, it is fully contained and does not need any additional set-up like an online account. Once installed, the product is good to go.It only costs about $40.00.
These are the features that Cybersitter offer for every parent that looks for protection for their children in the Internet. Go and try this software out.